Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sunny Hill Ice Cream, Kuching

Every single time I happened to be in Kuching, I'd make it a point to go to Sunny Hill to have my craving for their very nice ice cream satisfied. So here I was at Sunny Hill a few weeks back...

Outside of Sunny Hill
Inside of Sunny Hill
Inside of Sunny Hill

There were no explicit parking spaces in the vicinity of the place so most people would just resort to parking their vehicles along the roadside like this...

Sunny Hill is a very well known ice cream parlor in Kuching so it's not surprised to see the place to be crowded with customers especially on a hot scalding day. Nevertheless, it just so happened that I was there at the right time in that it's not overwhelmingly crowded.

The parlor offers different flavours of ice cream on specific days. There were only vanilla and strawberry flavours available during my last visit to the place, and patrons could choose how they wanted their ice cream to be served, be it on a cone or in a cup.

Mixed flavours (Rm 2.12)
Vanilla Sundae (Rm2.97)
Strawberry Sundae (Rm2.97)

I didn't have any preferences over a particular ice cream flavour. Both flavours were very nice and not too sweet, I reckoned. However, if you are not allergic to nuts, I strongly encourage you to opt for the sundae cup-version over the cone-version because the buttery fragrance of the crushed peanuts went so well with the ice cream, making it so nice to indulge in!  


  1. Have not had this for years and years now, used to cycle there in the 70's and at the time, it seemed so far. Now, it is sort of buried among all the shops all around, can hardly notice it when driving past. I would prefer going to Swee Kang for the ang tao peng though and if I do come here it would be more for old times' sake. Sweet memories.

  2. Ice cream sold here is definitely the BEST one ever in Kuching!