Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Famous Mushroom Roll @ Payung Cafe, Sibu

Located at the back of Kingwood Hotel (Facing Lanang Road), Payung Cafe is one of my favourite eateries in Sibu. It has a really cozy atmosphere with lots of pleasant, meticulous ornaments.

Front view of the restaurant

One must never miss out their most prominent dish, Mushroom Roll (Rm 8), should he or she dine in here. It is basically stewed mushroom wrapped in Popiah skin, and baked to perfection with sprinkles of Parmesan cheese powder on the skin's surface as a flavourful garnish. You got to believe me, this is the BOOM!

Payung's signature Mushroom Roll

As a durian mania, of course I did not forget to order their Durian Milkshake (Rm 8)

Durian Milkshake

which was kinda disappointing because the durian taste was rather mild for my liking.

Green Chicken Curry with Rice

However, I did enjoy their Green Chicken Curry with Rice (Rm16).

Chicken Spaghetti Carbonara
Wennie the Pooh ordered  their Chicken Spaghetti Carbonara (Rm 16) which I had no idea how nice it was since I did not have any chance to taste it (well, this is an implication).

Belimbing Prawn with Rice (I forgot to snap the bowl of rice!)
Andy ordered himself a plate of Belimbing Prawn with Rice (Rm16). Belimbing means starfruit which render the gravy its sourish taste.

Tom Yam Prawn with Spaghetti 
This dish (Rm16) was an interesting fusion of Eastern Thai Tom Yam and Western Spaghetti. It was surprisingly delicious!

Jelly Pisang
Well, Jelly Pisang (Rm8) *Pisang means Banana* is literally an interesting concoction of banana slices, red jelly, shaved ice with evaporated milk as well as a generous topping of Vanilla ice-cream. It has been said that this particular dessert is the specialty of Sibu.

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  1. My favourite diner in town! They have chicken carbonara now? Used to be beef, a little tough and not our favourite. Loved all the rest that you all had.

    You could have asked for extra durian in your shake - they would oblige, all very nice people. I would have their durian ice cream usually and I would ask for extra extra durian cream. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. I never knew that I could actually ask for extra durian cream! I would certainly ask for it next time!