Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My journey as a runaholic: Tang Kah Seng Health Run 6km

So this was my first running event in year 2016, Tang Kah Seng Health Run hosted by Sibu Marathon  Sports Club on the 17th of April in memory of its late founder. The event was held at Taman Rimba/ Bukit Lima Forest Park which mainly serves as a rendezvous for runners from all walks of life. I arrived at 6:20 a.m. to collect my racing kits at a portable booth before the warm-up-cum-intro session was kicked start.

Before the Race
The Portable Booth
Unlike most of the running events I had joined in peninsular Malaysia, the race was flagged off punctually at 7 sharp. Perhaps it was due to the lesser number of participants if compared to those events in west Malaysia where there would be a 'commotion' prior to the flag-off time.

The Layout Route of the Race
I completed the 6k race in 29 minutes (technically 5.86 km) and got 22nd place. *huge applause to me*

All in all, this event was well organized and it went very smoothly. Nonetheless, I do reckon that a change of venue would be better as the space for running on the plank wood trail was quite limited. Anyway, CHEERS to the organizer! 


  1. Hey! Where is this place with the arch and all? Never been there. Gee!!! I should go around town a little more. :D

    1. It is located quite far from Sibu town. You have to drive all the way down Jalan Wong King Huo to reach the forest reserve. I had nt been to the place for like almost 5 years! HAHA